I guess I’ve got to ask? HOW

April 10, 2009 at 12:19 pm

does this doctor know there are things getting worse w/o testing?
If it were me? I’d get copies of all my med tests and blood, etc reports and go and get another opinon. But then, I live in a big metro area w/lots of access to major medical teaching facilities and research hospitals. I didn’t have to go that far tho – I was lucky, only went to one, and got testing and diagnosis within four months. [Setting up tests locally and actually getting them was the time issue]
So, you could get another opinion w/test orders from another neuro and get them done closer to home and thus get on your way…
It took me just over a year from my gbs/cidp onset to diagnosis and IVIG. That has been my lifesaver! I hope you get the same help and luck that I had! Truly… We shouldn’t need to suffer needlessly if we don’t have to!