I got carried away, but it was worth it!

November 19, 2010 at 8:00 pm

Last week I had a chance to escape the west coast gloomy rain and go to Clearwater Florida. I had to twist my fourteen year olds rubber arm to come with me; after all he would have to miss school.
Sunshine, beach, all good. Then we realized we were only a couple of hours from Disneyworld. Can`t be that close without going, so we drove over. We had the day we drove there, the next, then we had to get back.
Having done the Disneyland we knew what rides we wanted to go on, but in the Florida park they are spread over the four different theme parks. Because my residual is a serious case of numb feet, we had to plan our excursion carefully. We did the rides during the parades so we got to walk right on. I was having so much fun that I guess the chemicals in your brain that make you feel good were really working because I had no problem with my feet. We managed to do something in each of the five theme parks in two days. It was all good till we got on the plane.
My feet puffed up like a well baked soufflé. Thank goodness I wear these foamy soled slip on flip flops ALL THE TIME.
After almost seven hours in an airplane I managed to stumble through security and customs. When my feet are bad I can`t judge the whole lifting up your own feet thing and tend to stumble a lot. I was surprised that I wasn’t given a breathalyser test in the airport.
Made it home on Saturday, couldn’t do much on Sunday. Monday I woke up very ill. It was exactly like when I was hit with this stupid GBS. Scared the dodo out of me. My family wanted me to go to the hospital right away, but that is where I caught the virus the triggered my GBS and I tend to avoid that place. So I hung in for two days and slowly got better. My feet still hurt. I am not going to do anything about the runs until I lose twenty pounds.
It have to go to Vegas, maybe I should plan to not walk the strip too much.