I get both!

August 18, 2008 at 5:19 am

I get both fatigue and stamina. One day I can wake up and if the weather is right, I slept okay and right after my B-12 injection, I get a bout of energy. Just like yesterday morning, I had energy and was able to be very productive. Had B-12 shot the day before and slept well. Then to suddenly feel fatigued. But the day before which was the day I got my B-12 shot, I was suffering and trying my best to be functional.
Then I get days where I lack the stamina. Just can’t function that day no matter how hard I try. Trying to be productive but my body is taking constant rest periods every 5 minutes.
Then the fatigue I get makes me feel like I am a zombie. Will lay in the recliner all day. Feels like I am a cancer patient or have severe leukemia and totally can’t do for myself.
Take me to a grocery store on a day like that and I am struggling to get down the isle. When I get that way too, I feel like my heart is being strained and have to sit down a minute trying to gain some strength back. Will not eat well on those days either.
Mine comes and goes. Will go a week suffering to a week trying to be functional to totally non functional.
Also noticed when I am functional I am trying my best to get caught up in my home and then after I get caught up, I have the relaspe all over again!
I too believe that when nerve damage is being active killing off more nerves that your body is straining itself everywhere else which causes the fatigue.
On days like this, I wished I was 27 years younger before I even started getting badly sick. I was very active back then.