I found the answer I was looking for! (I think)

November 4, 2008 at 12:43 pm

Hi All,

I just received the packet that is sent out to new members of the GBS/CIDP Foundation and the answer was on the Overview for the Layperson. On page 25, pain during the onset of GBS is described..”Interesting, the very first symptom in GBS may occasionally be low back pain that radiates into the buttocks and/or thighs, thus mimicking a sciatica type syndrome from pinched nerves in the back..When the initial presentation of GBS is a sciatica..rather than the more common combination of weakness, tingling and numbness, the doctor and patient may be initially confused and misled about the diagnosis.”. This is exactly what I experienced. What I thought was pain from a herniated disc was actually GBS. Because I did have a herniated disc, the neurosurgeon attributed my pain to the herniation. The only thing that confuses me is how different my symptoms were before the surgery versus after the surgery. Before the surgery I had lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain. After the surgery, I had no lower back pain or sciatic nerve pain, but I could no longer move my feet or my toes! This GBS sydrome is so crazy and mysterious! It is so frustrating and it is so hard to believe that I may never know what caused me to come down with GBS!

Thanks to everyone who replied. I appreciate so much that this website provides a venue for others who understand the experience of GBS.