I followed your advice

July 23, 2011 at 4:55 pm

Thank you for the information. After I read your information I went to the cite and contacted my Members of Congress. And the President.
Lets hope that this can be resolved soon.

[QUOTE=istaroaz]This is for anyone who recieves soc security because they have become disabled by gbs / cidp & who is on medicare / medicaid. With the goverment tax talks breaking down & the Aug. 2 deadline coming to a close & the govt not sure about our Aug soc sec checks are going to be issued & them talking about cutting our medical programs.

I plead to each & every one of you to write your congessmen, senators & even the President !!!! telling them in short detail you got sick with what you have & are unable to work & include your age, by no choice did you get sick !! & that you rely on your soc sec & the medical programs !!

I already wrote my congressmen the other day & just wrote the President a few hours ago.

You can go to [url]www.usa.gov/contact/elected.shtml[/url] site & put in your state & your info of elected officals appear.

We all need to band together on this . I am going to write my senators on sat afternoon. then that takes care of everyone.

That site I gave also gives phone #’s. But I did email was going to call president but hrs are mon – fri 8 or 9 till 5. I called switchboard # & it told me direct line for comments.

Thank you & I hope you will join me.