I followed same trend, only not as severe….

September 21, 2009 at 5:56 pm

🙂 Hi Marcia…..

I spent a week in hospital 11/07 and had major paralysis.. I was in a wheelchair when I went home.. Within several weeks I was using a walker and strength and feeling slowly returned.. But I think around January/February of that year I started declining….

I declined about 6-8 weeks after my peak of gbs, but not to the extent of your husband… I was given ivig again, and was intermittently given ivig for about 6 months, then I was on pulse steroids and ivig at same time on a regular basis until august of this year. Now I am pill free, and doing pretty good….

Things are rolling good now, but I hate to think where I would have been without more treatments…

In addition, to treatments, I think setting small goals, and sticking to them are important at his stage… I hope he can keep his attitude up… Otherwise, I don’t think I would rule out counseling of any sort early on….

Perhaps you want to look at my earliest posts on this forum to gain insight to how I was feeling early on…. RcMcgrath had gbs the same time I did.. Maybe it will help you…. deanop