I fiound an Antique Book on Ebay last night

April 27, 2009 at 5:22 pm

I found an antique book on Ebay last night called Science of Home and Community. I bought a bunch of antique books a while back ago and might try to start reading up on things. Would be interesting to know how they managed. Yep! This economy is the main reason I am canning again. Plus it saves on aluminumcans being trashed in our landfills. Trying to save on some Carbon footprints. So to speak! Me and my husband are slowly converting to green. The more the merrier! This year we plan on spending about $5000.00 on 3 of our rooms. Ripping down some drywall and spraying foam insulation in those 3 rooms. Then next year we are going to try and do 3 more rooms until our entire house is green.
Not cheap gping green too! The supplies are expensive as heck but well worth it in the future!