I figure it out this way? I’ve had INSULTS to my body and immune systems?

March 5, 2010 at 10:15 pm

And, hair loss IS a result. I went from hypo thyroid to hasimotos’ w/in two months of onset.. Altho it took another two years to actually diagnose it? Thyroid and vitamin deficiencies are key aspects of some aggravatiting components to ‘getting better’. Most docs aren’t well informed in the vitamin and mineral aspects of what we deal with? Nor, are they well informed about the side ‘effects’ that many of our meds can cause about hair and bone loss. I can’t give you a ‘formula’ to help YOU? I suggest you check out reliable sources on the web [not the commercial ones tho…] and see what you can find out to help you.
When I’d had my onset? I had shed like a thoroughly shaggy and sick dog! I understood this because I’d dealt w/sick and malnourished creatures in prior lives… Best thing to do for yourself? Is to slather hypoallergenic goodies on you, treat your scalp with the BEST scalp and hair restoratives possible and go from there? Face it, something’s gone WRONG with your body…treat it as special w/special stuffs and it mite just feel better? Won’t heal or erase the problem, just keep it from getting worse. There ARE times? When ‘status quo’ can be a good thing? As,in not getting worse? Think positive, spoil your skin and scalp and see how things go… BTW? After onset? I had dandruff like huge snowflakes. Not had much dandruff before but this was alarming? Literally would slather lotion over my scalp to alleviate it to no avail. Go figger. Keep up the SELF-Spoiling! We need pampering in some quarter, afterall, don’t we? – homeagain