I feel happy with progress

June 9, 2006 at 10:54 pm


I’d love to hear some more success stories! I’ve been alarmed lately by the amount of people who have had terrible relapses. Does anyone know if relapses are the norm?

I came down with CIDP four years ago. THe doctors kept telling me all of my symtpoms were in my head. I finally collapsed and was sent to the hospital. They told my husband they were going to send me to a convelescent hospital (I was 35 at the time). Before they could send me away, I finally saw an experienced nerologist who knew immediatley what I had. I started plasma pheresis and continued on this course of treatment for four years (I had a total of 106 pps).

At my worse I could hardly breathe, lift my head or open my eyes. Now I am doing great. I’m not normal, but I’ve made huge improvements. I take care of my children, I work out at the gym five times a week, I walk up stairs all day (we live in a two story), I live a good life. I’m still taking three norco a day for pain and quite honestly, energy. I also take two Cellcept a day (1000 mgs). It’s so nice being off of the pps. I can’t wait to be even better than I am today!!!!!

Hope to hear lots of happy stories!!!!
God Bless You All:p