I feel 100 years old today

August 17, 2008 at 1:35 am

I have been up and down for the last few weeks. Usually a precursor to a relapse. I thought that my IVig would help stave it off…nope.

Today, I couldn’t move well when I woke up, took 15 min just to get out of bed! Walking is hard, lots of electric shocks in my feet. Feel like a little old decrepit hobbit!

I also feel mentally overwhelmed — new meds again, and I am tempted to just give up. Doc wants to try methotrexate since nothing else seems to be giving me relief. I tried azathiaprine for almost a year with no real change, not sure if this will be any better. I feel like a mouse on a treadmill…

See – obviously in a great frame of mind today!!! Oh, well, hopefully tomorrow will be better! sorry for being grumpy 🙁