I don’t

February 10, 2011 at 9:21 am

hey all

like Harry I don’t go into too much worry about explaining what I have, though I haven’t been working since last May. My colleagues have all been told what happened and when I go in it is good to see everyone. Students can be a bit overwhelming, but are also like little sources of infectious energy at times (infectious colds and flus at others).

I do tend to tell a lot of experiences while dealing with it as humorous stories. For example, my wipeouts off the treadmill is a good ice-breaker. At this point, people will either do one of two things, one turn into a sympathetic, emotional mush; or they will laugh with me and give me a ‘pat on the back’ because ‘I’m such a good sport’. The rest who become dissociative get my abrupt dismissal and are diplomatically told to kiss my a**.

wrtrmom, we can jam anytime, bring the MMJ because the way I sound these days you’re gonna need a lot of it.

I got my invite for the Cdn. Conf. a couple of weeks ago. I plan to attend.