I don’t think I would wait a month on this issue!

October 2, 2008 at 1:40 pm

I think I would go and get checked out and would not wait a month. It’s rare but does happen where a person can get GBS a second time. But it’s very rare! And then to, your GBS was 7 years ago and now all of a sudden you are getting weird feelings in your legs. Anything to do with the nervous system that suddenly appears different after 7 years might be something else going on. Another auto-immune disorder. Thyroid, Diabetes, Lupus etc. You might a residual happening or could have something totally different going on! I would get checked instead of waiting. Make it an urgent matter with your doctor. Even if you have to be seen at the ER. Better to be safe than sorry! It might GBS residual or what if it’s something else? Just because you have GBS you also have to think you are 7 years older and there are other diseases that can cause numbness and tingling and rubbery legs! I have Lupus and thought my Lupus was causing my problem with me getting CIDP. Been tested over and over again and my Lupus has been somewhat controlled. Then they found a B-12 problem and I started taking shot and was still complaining! But for two years I also was run over by an SUV in a parking lot and had a back injury. Went to back surgeon and complained and still no answers. Switched to new back surgeon and he found Lumbar Spinal Stenosis in lower spine where 3 bad disk were compressing my nerve! Ah ha! Problem finally solved! Not! They did surgery and I felt great! Then blam! Attack on nervous system! Bad attack! They then diagnosed me with CIDP! Okay! It’s Lupus! Nope not Lupus! They never checked my thyroid out until I mentioned to my new doctor asking him what a nodule was. He asked me why I was asking and I had picked up some records and noticed on a CT Scan that I had a nodule that nobody ever mentioned to me about! He decides to do Ultrasound and then calls me right away wanting RAUI Uptake Scan. I had a Hyperfunctioning Thyroid Nodule with 5 Nodules on my Thyroid Gland! It was cancer! Just getting over the surgery and fortunately they were able to get all the cancer and it had not spread! Just because you have GBS. Take into consideration that other diseases can pop up in later years! The older you get things can happen. We can get arthritis, thyroid problems, infections. I never had any problems with asthma! Then when I turned 38 I developed asthma! So it might pay for you to get checked out. Don’t alway’s blame GBS for everything! I did with Lupus and been walking around for over two years complaining and not understanding why my labs were normal! I also found out I have Graves Disease! Looked online and there were my symptoms!