I don’t know what to do!

May 22, 2009 at 8:42 am

Hi family! I need a special prayer request and even some advice. I am having a family problem and just don’t know what to do about it. Yesterday afternoon was a bad evening for my sister called and needs my help. I have a rather long story and am at wits end on what to do! I have a sister and a niece that both have some real serious problems. Both actually need mental counsiling. 9 years ago my 33 old niece got pregnant. The baby is of mixed race. Half white and half black. My niece I must say is not a very good person. She has done alot of nasty things. Very very wild girl! My sister is not a bad person but I think she needs help herself getting some counsiling. Well the story goes where my niece had her first child and this child has no father. Shortly after she had this child she slept with the guys brother and got pregnant again. Had a set of twin boys. This guy did somewhat get involved for a short time but then left my niece when she got pregnant again. She slept with another guy and had a girl! All 4 children are without a father and live with one very wild crazy female. The Social Services a while back ago took the children away and my sister needed my help. She got temporary custody and had me also as a caretaker for the children because her job requires alot of traveling and she can’t afford to quit her job because for 9 years now she has been supporting them. My niece is on welfare and plays the system. Been to school and still won’t get a job. One of the children got abused and that is when Social Services stepped in taking the children away. I ended up getting 2 of them and my sister had her husband help with the other two. Then my niece went through all these classes and got her kids back. Once Social Services got out of the picture my niece went wild again! And is now pregnant with her 5th child due in September by another father which has dumped her! 4 different dads all black race and the kids have no father. And the kids have a very unfit mother. My sister though condones alot of this. She gives to her daughter and pays her bills, buys the clothes etc! So the daughter knows she has her mom wrapped around her fingers. 2 weeks ago one of the boys went crazy in school and started tearing up the school room. Throwing desk and trashing the entire room. He is 8 years old. He went completely mad! He got suspended from school. We don’t know what happened to him! Now they got him on medication. A few days ago the 9 year old daughter also went mad in school and started screaming and she got suspended and was rushed to the hospital and sedated to calm down. My mom says she has been very quiet lately. My niece has exposed these children to all kinds of crap! She talks about sex in front of them and believe me it is very ugly how she describes her sexual encounters. Has men over the house all the time having sex in front of these kids. Drinks and I know she does drugs! My sister is in denial! All she thinks about is her grandchildren! Enjoying being around them. But they stay in a rinky dinky trailer with no room and an unfit mom! 3 of the children look like Mexicans and are very light colored and could pass for white. They have soft hair and are really beautiful children. The last child is showing some black traits. And the 5th child we just don’t know. The girl is pregnant and doing drugs. She’s not gaining weight and I think this last baby is going to have health issues. While my sister knows what is going on she is not saying anything to Social Services in fear of loosing her grandchildren. I got into an arguement with my sister last night because I feel these children need to be in a stable home. They need a set of loving parents! Not some wild crazy #$%^& that keeps spitting out babies and mouching off the system and doing crazy things in front of them. These children did not ask to be born and certainly don’t diserve this kind of growing up in a very unstable enviroment. My sister does not have the patience with children either. She’s too hot tempered. But she is so obsessed about being a grandmother and I know she loves the children but she’s not facing reality here! She would rather see the children living with her daughter so she can be a grandma no matter what the circumstance are! Not thinkin about the welfare of the children! These kids need a home! A good home! With a loving set of parents. Activities to keep them busy! Me and my husband talked last night about them. You know! I’n sick wth Lupus and CiIDP. Two did come live with me a while back ago and they did really well staying with us. And both cried when they left us! I had no problems with those two. Sometimes I had all 4 and they were still good!
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