I don’t know about you? BUT, sweating was one….

October 29, 2010 at 10:36 pm

thing which was affected before starting IVIG! To me? Any sweating is a good thing these days…guess that says a lot as to how my peripheral nerves were affected and telling my lymphatic system ‘what to do’.
Before I’d started IVIG? I’d not sweated at all from my ‘pn onset’. Super hot weather was a potential disaster, as one can become dehydrated and not realize it until too late…. Worse is the being Super COLD when it isn’t really cold. ‘Sort of a combo of a ‘Goldilocks’ and ‘pricess and the pea’ syndromes?
In that finding Just RIGHT is harder than you thought.
I’ve been on Gammunex for about five years plus and done well on it, better than on Gammagard. But each of us IS different.
As for insurances? Grill them closely…but better yet- grill your doc closely as to his participation in that particular plan? Docs KNOW [or at least their staffs?] which plans they work with best and can get you the most help thru…. the next questions are COSTS vs. Benefits and what new hoops you mite have to go thru? But, usually IF you qualify for IVIG from one plan? ‘Most’ follow the protocols… It’s then up to your doc[s] to keep the arguments for success in treatments from their quarter up to date..
BTW? I’ve also just checked out ‘changes’ for my plan in the next year? Only thing I can discern so far is that my own personal deductible has gone UP again. Still, all in all? I get far more benefits than I’m paying for…it’s pay- back to me for being in the same plan for my almost total lifetime….
I do hope this helps a little or a lot? It’s hard work to get things on track the way you would LIKE. But it’s an education getting there! Hugs and laughter along the way!