I do the same thing that Dick S does!

June 2, 2009 at 7:41 am

Hi Carly! I basically do the same thing Dick S does! You just never know when you might meet a doctor that don’t send out all the test and records. Have had one do this already.
Plus if you need a primary care in TN where you are moving they too need a copy of records.
Carly! Something you need to prepare for that I hope helps out!

When we meet a good doctor that treats us we develop a relationship with them. The doctors I had in PA, I was very grateful to them for saving my life many years back. I could talk to them and tell them my life history. Even tell jokes! I felt that comfortable with them.

Then I moved and instead of letting them refer me I chose the closest doctor we had around in my area. I have learned something and a lesson with it! Not all doctors have the same personality. And when I saw this first doctor he had an attitude and we did not hit it off at all. We clashed big time! I left his office and came home crying my brains out for moving away from my good doctors. Each one practices different and no two are alike.

I have met some with attitudes, some that were non caring and some that I felt rushed out the door and was seen quickly. Each doctor I have met I was looking for the same doctor I had in PA. Then I realized that I won’t have that type of doctor. I shopped around and finally found 6 good doctors for my needs. But it took me 7 years! LOL!

I was getting so depressed! And my husband saw me crying alot because I could not find the right doctors! It was frustrating.
When you walk in to see this doctor in TN. Be prepared to except him and give him a chance and don’t expect him to be like the doctor you see now. But try to get to know him and don’t say that your other doctor did this and did that and why are you doing this or that! Just let him slowly get to know you and you try to get to know him and realize that he is another person treating you!

You will miss your other doctors at first but in time things will get easier! Hugs
Linda H