I did not have ingrowns after CIDP. But long before?

December 29, 2009 at 8:05 pm

And because my feet are so numb or nerve-strange [some things I FEEL and others that I should, I don’t?] my Podiatrist is reluctant to do anything for fear of infection. Soo, every few weeks I go and get those toes ‘trimmed’ or excised or whatever…. The doc’s got to use about 3 times the normal topical number on me before working on my feet. I don’t scream or anything, but do utter a low and serious growl now and then? About 12 hours afterwards I’ve got to gently soak the toes to get the numbing residue off, drives me crazy! What nerves I’ve got left? I guess they are working triple time or something.
IF those ingrowns aren’t trimmed on time? You bet I know it! BTW? My ingrowns started about 2 years before the CIDP. Don’t know if that helps any, I guess we are all subtly different in these quarters?
Luckily, I’ve not gotten infections – KNOCK WOOD FAST!!!!!!!!!!
Hope this helps even a little.