I did get 5 hours

August 11, 2008 at 10:27 am

Well I did get 5 hours of some sleep on the sofa. Feel very weird this morning. All numb and tingly feeling. Legs feel like rubbery jello! Husband woke up this morning and saw me on the sofa which has been typical of me doing.
But he woke me up before leaving and asked me what was wrong. Normally when he wakes up, I am up a few minutes after him. But not this morning.
Getting ready to call two of my doctors today and see what they can do for me to see about getting them to call Duke. And see if at least 1 of them can fit me in today to see me.
If not tomorrow. That is if I can hold out that long. Then husband just called me again from work. He’s worried and knows something is very wrong. I have a feeling after my calls today my husband might just go ahead and take me to the Duke Emergency Room.
I’m not doing too good this morning either. Whatever this is, it has kicked me in the rear something aweful. I’m going to make my phone calls. See what can be done and try to get myself bathed. Then lay on the sofa and do nothing all day!
Going to call my mom and see if my Uncle can bring her over today also and sit with me until my husband get’s home. I don’t think I need to be left alone today.
I’m still alive but just not doing to good this morning. Let’s just say that today though the game plan needs to get done and going. No matter what! Something is going to get done.
Well better get going! But just wanted to let you all know I a still here. Will let you all know what happens today. If anything does happen! Thanks for all the caring and generosity. I really appreciate what everybody did last night. This is a wonderful site and everybody is very caring! Thank-you all so much!