I did ask about the waiting list

August 10, 2008 at 12:13 am

I am up again at mid-night! What a bummer!:mad: Well, I plan on asking my doctor if he will write me an RX for a hospital bed. This couch in my den is really not a good place to sleep everynight.
I did ask about a waiting list and they go by the most severe cases first. The bad thing is my neurologist was supposed to do this 3 weeks ago and has not done it yet. He’s taking his time calling me in and I don’t know why! So I have already waited 3 weeks. Hopefully it will be this week of getting me in. And I pray I don’t have a 6 month wait. Probably 2 months but hopefully much sooner.
I think they go by the case history and the persons health at the time they see them. It took my mother 3 months to get into Chapel Hill. So I will probably be going on the same time frame as her. Maybe I will get lucky and get seen ASAP!
I have a Colonoscopy on the 20th and see my regular doctor on the 26th and then the gas doctor on the 28 and my neurologist has me seeing him again in September 23.
Tonight my right leg is drawing in causing my big toe to pop up and then the bad nasty cramp comes in. Ouchie! My feet feel like I am standing on hot coals and burn like fire. I call it torture night! Going to lay on sofa and turn on Tv and maybe if I am lucky I will fall asleep.
I was told that Duke was pretty darn good and sure hope so. I don’t know what I will do if they can’t figure me out! Already depressed and know it will make that depression worse. Think I will go online shopping for a while.