I’d found this elsewhere?

March 31, 2011 at 10:38 pm

It’s not an easy site to get to, but very useful.
On the left index click on ‘Diabetes in Skin Disease’….while we’ve not got diabetes? Seems a lot of the nerve damages and damage processes are similar. Be sure to read the Abstact and Introduction on this page and then go to the Diabetic neuropathy aspects…tho written for docs? They ARE in a clear english and readily understood. Then look at other features on this site.. the pics are very graphic, I warn you? But, if you’ve something similar, you will KNOW it. I hope you don’t find IT!
As others have said, Lianne and Tina… it’s not often connected, but once your read that abstract and intro? Then look at pics etc. some things can fall into place.
Summary? Our nerves tell our vascular and lymphatic systems what to do. When ‘peripheral nerves’ are damaged? These systems don’t work as well or as efficiently. It’s akin to not knowing which part of your car to repair first?
You do what you can with whatever guidance you can get. I hope you find good guidance somewhere! Truly!