I’d call and ask IF you should bring along some…

March 16, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Benedryl and/or Tylenol? You save $$ by bringing your own, and the key is to take it IN FRONT of the nurse or infusion staffers. I’ve been on 3 Tylenol and 4 Benedryl at times, but am now just on two Benedryl…for with the rest of the day is a lost-leader getting a Benedryl hangover. [For want of a better description]
Flu-Like symptoms? Usually not bad for some… Loose bowels often in the middle of it all. Eat light, fruit salads and salads at home and take a small 10oz+/- bottle of Gatorade the day before to be sure you are hydrated.. Then avoid caffeine and drink water until you feel like a leaky boat. Afterwards? You, mite like me…get a really big appetite right after. After the nap, once I get home that is…
As for getting the IV line into you? Most IV nurses are very experienced and do it all the time! I had the direct line catheters for five years before I’d opted for a port catheter, as I was getting harder to ‘stick’ and I wasn’t too easy a one to begin with. I’ve had IVIG for 6 years and only have had one of those bad ‘aseptic meningitis’ episodes – I believe it was due to either a bad batch or bad mixing. Soo, finding an infusion rate that doesn’t give you headaches [plus the Tylenol and Benedryl] and balancing it all is key to how well you can work it into your life. Bring a snack for yourself to nibble on as well? IF they don’t have a TV? Bring a good book or I-pod and zone out…Most likely you’ll nap for parts of it.
One more thing? IF ANYTHING at all, feels weird or strange or good? Tell the nurse[s]! Last of all – and most IMPORTANT! Do not ever lie about your weight!!!!! Since your dosages are adjusted according to body weight? You could be shortchanging yourself in the long run if you skimp on your true heft.
It’ll be ‘interesting’ sort of at first? Then it likely will get boring and repetitive. Just be sure the nurse[es] check your vital signs often and consitently. Good news, and LUCK! And please let us know if you have more questions – if we can answer them? We will. And let us know how you feel afterwards! Hopefully after a couple of days? MUCH BETTER! That’s my hope.