I certainly see an improvement since last summer!

January 9, 2009 at 9:44 am

I certainly see an improvement since last summer! I now have feeling in my hands and no longer burning in my hands. Which is a big plus! Was not getting any sleep in the summer and now I am finally getting a good nights sleep. I still have a day here and there but not like it was in the summer where I went night after night with no sleep. More alert in the daytime hours and not knodding off to sleep from exhaustion. My feet are not burning as bad but I still have some problems there. But not like the summer! And this past summer I was not even able to drive my car which was the pitts. Actually two years of not being able to drive and only did it if I had no choice.
😀 Hey family! Now I’m driving again! YEAH! Short drives but actually driving. Still have the Chronic Fatigue issue but my energy level is starting to go up some. Getting more active. Have not been sick to my stomach either since my surgery. That’s a huge plus!
I’m healing! Slowly but I am seeing some improvements and that I am so grateful for! Even if I don’t get 100 percent well. Hey! I’ll settle for 50 percent improvement! Since the summer time.. and I was in bad shape this past summer! I actually thought I was dying! I have seen about a 40 percent improvement. And this year I hope to see another 20 and hopefully more!
Actually doing more walking now and seeing me be able to exercise some. But that had to stop right at Christmas because of my surgery. But started back this week doing my walking again.
I am just glad to be having some of my life back. I know I won’t get it all back but even a little bit back makes me happy! My focus this year is to get more exercise, loose weight for I have gained a little to much. 20 pound weight gain. Need to loose those 20 pounds.
And I think this year is going to be my year to do it! Last summer I was in tears! Now I am actually starting to smile again! Something I have not done in quite some time. I had the pain face! Now I am seeing a smile and pain face! LOL Hugs