I can’t believe Dr. Brown is still there!

August 15, 2008 at 7:07 am

I can’t believe Dr. Brown is still there at the University of PA Hospital. He’s sure has been there a very long time. I really miss that man. After seeing all those other doctors I saw I was really untrusting of them after my experiences. But then I met him and found a caring doctor. He’s a little quiet at first but very professional.
Ohh Tim! I forgot about of friend of me and my husband’s in PA. Her name was Mary! She too had Mark Brown. She got into a very nasty car accident and stayed in the hospital for months with a brain injury.
When she recovered, she kept hearing a swooshing noise and nobody could figure out what was causing the noise.
Mark Brown ended up seeing her and the man found a busted blood vessel in her brain. They had to do two brain surgeries that had never been performed before. Mary was actually dying and the only chance she had was that surgery. I totally forgot about her! The surgery was a success.
We used to call Mary a woman with 9 lives. Two brain surgeries and ended up in another car accident that threw her 20 feet away from her car. She ended up having a 3rd brain surgery and survived that one. All 3 injuries were pretty nasty. And she has no brain damage at all! Very lucky lady! Very lucky!
Hope your day today is a nice and cheerful one!