I can go into details but

August 28, 2008 at 7:08 am

I can’t go into much details but my son is in the Navy. The job he does requires 6 months sea duty and 6 months shore duty. He has been on leave recently and had 2 months to go before heading out to sea again. But got called in early to sea duty.
I just could not understand why he would get called in early by 2 months if it was not his time to go in? I guess it’s because of giving other soldiers early leave because many have not had their leaves yet. They got many of them over in Iraq and Afghanistan and the poor guys are barely getting their leaves, so that might be what the cause is.
Either that or he is on his way to Georgia helping that country with humanitarian aid. It will be next spring before I see him again! Maybe longer depending on where he is going.
Very hard having a son in the military right now. Me and I think every parent that has a child in the military worries alot about our children. Even though my son is no longer a child and now a grown man. He’s still my child and alway’s will be. So it’s hard dealing with.
If our world was at peace with each other and there was no wars going on. I would not worry about him being in the service. But seeing the news everyday and finding one more fallen soldier being flashed on TV. Everytime I see that a lump gather’s up in my throat.
I just hope all this mess in our world right now will end soon and see our military back on US soil! Me and most likely all the other parents too!