I believe the distinction between CIDP is how long …

February 24, 2011 at 7:14 pm

from the first ‘numbnesses’ to ultimately hospital it takes?
Usually for GBS the [B]X[/B] mark seems to be 6-8 weeks max. For CIDP it’s after the 6-8 weeks or after. I’m on the cusp at 7 weeks [to the hospital that is], and tho not diagnosed w/GBS, at that time? The numbness had continued to progress from the extremeties to the torso for months after that. Until I started on IVIG.
Here is one description about GBS/CIDP which is tight and very concise, w/o too much detail so read carefully all of it?
URLhttp://www.merckmanuals.com/home/sec06/ch095/ch095h.html?qt=Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy&alt=shURL
Another good source is this international group…. If you can find the full text? I’d appreciate a copy if it can be done…it’s very extensive!
Good luck?
Mostly diagnosis consists of Nerve conduction studies with either a consistent or noticable decline in nerve functions; Spinal workups to determine the degree and types of immune responses YOU demonstrate; Blood work-ups[HEAPS of them! 8-15 vials to start off?] to eliminate and or include proof of high immune responses; MRI’s CT’s and other ‘imaging’ to be sure no other issues such as spinal compressions on discs are an issue or THE issue. Then, possibly a punch biopsy to assess small nerve fibre damages… Usually, if all this points to CIDP? It just mite be?
One note? One neuro suggested the sural biopsy for me? I declined as in reading any insurance’s criteria for IVIG testing? I’d met 7 of 9 of these set criteria. To keep getting the IVIG or other therapies tho…the doc must continue to report to the insurer that the patient [US] are ‘progressing’ in some ways to justify that continued treatment. Sural Biopsies should only be done IF a number of the criteria are ‘inconclusive’. And further? They are only viable test results if handled by the best of physicians and laboratories.. if the biopsy is mangled or mishandled? Do you do another leg?
I’ve declined sural biopsies because my tests have been fairly clear in their results. I’d like to think, that I could get better and not suffer from the extra s/e’s that such a biopsy could cause.
I hope these help… Keep at it and keep testing! Don’t give up ever..please?
Getting help and treatment is soo much better than not! Hugs etc..