I appreciate all your careful responses…. I do have some concerns tho?

June 13, 2010 at 11:36 pm

In that you are assuming that I’ve a diabetic PN leading to the CIDP. I do NOT. I have been tested more times for this aspect than one could wish for, desire or care to have!
Please take a look at this oft cited ‘site’ and see where it can take one?
Try a read at this resource? URLhttp://www.aarda.org/infocus_article.php?ID=28URL
Next? URLhttp://www.aafp.org/afp/980215ap/poncelet.htmlURL and DO look at the charts?
Definitively? Diabetes was off MY medical list from the get go. Still is! And I’ve been following the ‘program’ of diet and meds [IVIG] with regulation. No variants there. I have a definite autoimmune response and it’s doing a number on me. I went ‘downhill’ last year starting in March. Now? It seems to be happening again. I am not a happy camper? I am likely scheduled for more testing in the near future? But I do suspect it will ALL be inconclusive. WHY?Because I’ve a heap of other ‘mitigating factors’ coming into play. And, all of those other factors can mess up the most simple of #’s for an ‘immune-mutated person!’ No one knows which of which what factors are ‘contributing’? All [B]I KNOW[B][/B][/B] is that at times when I walk now? I lose whatever strength I’ve re-achieved after an injury. It is disheartening at worst? At best? Just a ‘bummer’.
Try this source also URLhttp://www.iasp-pain.org//AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home&WebsiteKey=ab2d1c7a-069c-4ec9-a5b4-022117666cddURL And READ! EXPLORE and LEARN.

Try this one? [url]http://www.paineurope.com/index.php?URLq=en/book_page/what_is_painURL[/url]
You will find that there is NO definitive definition of pain/s and there is no constant standard of PAIN as we know it.

Sad state of affairs in my humble opinion? It IS SUBJECTIVE and there are no/zero standards for degrees of pain that we might suffer. IF we can get beyond this? We mite get treated in a timely manner w/few long term consequences.
Yuehan? I admire your researching for crumbs of hope? But LOOK at that ‘Trial’? TEN PEOPLE? That’s not a trial… medically that’s ‘casual observance’!
And I do not want to chew nails or wood to get me thru this all? My docs now are GOOD! I am grateful. AND LUCKY!
Right now folks? I’m looking for either a smoking gun or a very large 2″x4″ to start swinging. [tho not to my current docs?-it’s the prior ones who let me down big time!] I am getting to the point where I feel my ‘immune system’ will start eating me up? And, then in a couple of years? You won’t have me to nudge folks!
Hope and hugs and LEARN all! Defend yourself from IGNORANCE or Laziness in the medical community [Who, by their own statements IS NEVER WRONG-except for the lawsuits?] Go get those docs’ brains working and working for YOU!