I am very worried!

April 26, 2009 at 7:08 pm

I am very worried! This is the time of year when many from Mexico migrate to the Carolina’s on the East Coast to help with farming. Migrant workers! Some are legal while other’s are not. All it takes is one wrong person to get across that border and the pandemic begins. Ohio has one person already infected! And no telling how many in the next coming weeks. I’m staying indoors and away from folks right now because of my immune system. A 24 hour virus a few years back almost did me in. I stayed sick 4 days from that sucker! So I don’t plan on venturing out anywhere anytime soon until I hear no evil, see no evil and evil is gone!
But it is scary especially knowing 4 in Canada have it. 1 in Ohio and a few other places. All we can do is pray this nasty flu turns out to not be so nasty! Hugs
Linda H