I am very hypersensitive!

November 5, 2008 at 4:09 am

I know how you feel and I too am very hypersensitive to certain medications. I am even allergic to certain antibiotics so any medication scares me to death. Some medications are to strong for my system so I have developed a way of taking things that help me to adjust to them. I take Flexeril for my neck and back pain. But before I started taking it, I cut them in 1/4 pills and only took 1/4 of the pill. I took that 1 week and then took half the next week and now I am taking the full pill. Talk with this neuro and see if he can RX you something that you can cut in 4 ways and see how it works for you. This may help you in taking certain pills. I too have acid reflux really bad and take Metaclopam and I take that in 1/4 ways too. Any medication that has the ER on them though you can’t cut the pills because they are time released. Like Ultram ER and ZanaxER. So request that you do not have these because of the hypersensitivity to meds. Gapapentin is a very good medication but it is a bit strong when first taking. I took mine to start at bedtime and waited an hour to see how I did. Now I am taking 6 of them a day! Maybe some of my suggestions will work. Hope you get relief soon! Hugs