I am thinking of you

June 8, 2006 at 11:55 am

Hi Lindsay,

My heart is breaking for you.. I understand the pain and suffering this syndrome causes. My Mom was hit with GBS SEVERELY 2 years ago.. I had a 2 year old and an 8 week old and the stress was beyond comprehension.. The drives to the hospital, making sure my boys got to see a mom not crying all the time and the constant worrying was awful. I Did get an antidepressant and it was the best best thing at the time for me. It allowed me to stop crying all the time, took away the depression and therefore I was a better mom, wife and daughter for it..
Your husband will recover.. My Mom is now home and is still making recoveries.
Try not to spread yourself to thin.. Your girls need you. Your husband will get the care he needs.
There are also mamy meds they will allow you to sleep at night.. It will stop the anxiety and shut your mind off at night so that can rest well.
If I lives closer I would love to help you with your girls. I know how hard it is.. Please rely on this site for knowledge.. There are experts here.. This site saved me 2 years ago.. I educated myself here and am so thankful.
Please know there are prayers going out for your husband.
Amy Maki