I am surprised, yet not surprised in many ways?

February 25, 2010 at 8:43 pm

I don’t know how else to put it…did you GET COPIES of test results etc as to what went on, before, during and after treatments at Hopkins?
And why didn’t you work your way up the medical food chain as in such similar facilities in NYC?
There must be more to your issues than are what you present and what seems to be known by us.
Do you mean…you’d not had any sort of Glucose tolerance test prior to being infused w/a Glucose based immunoglobulin? This kind of testing is #101-102! Especially for receiving IVIG! Something was ‘missed’ somewhere down the line is my HO? And, paralysis isn’t anyone’s idea of fun?
Glad you found a doc tho! THAT is what counts, and that you mite get better treatments because of it all. I’m flummered that a Hopkins doc would goof up so much so… can you tell me which doc? If reluctant, understand please pm me so’s I know… I’m progressing beyond the standard diagnostic stages and still progressing so I’d like to know if I can stand a trip to NYC and if it’s even worth it.
Hang in there, some help is on the way? For the rest? PT and good medical guidance should get you on the road to ‘stability’ if nothing worse. And the latter is my hope! Keep strong and keep faith in yourself! You KNOW things are wrong, keep asking questions! You’d be surprised what you mite find out! Scary and good to it all.