I am sure you will receive more tips as his care goes on.

May 22, 2006 at 2:40 pm

It is hard to remember the whole thing and post it all at once which is probably really good because when you are the caregiver it is hard to remember everything. When you discover a sweaty palm it might be nice to use a damp cloth and wipe down the palm and the fingers. Sometimes that hurts like you are operation on the hand without any pain killer. So ask the patient. Develop a series of eye signals for lets say yes and no and have them point to a picture or cards with words that might make the process of spelling out each word a little quicker. All this is very exhausting and the 20 questions should not be the way you approach it. Anything that causes frustration is both mentally and physically exhausting. Works against their body trying to heal.

Yes noise can be very very over stimulating. Too many talking at once. TV louder than necessary. Telephone ringing constantly. Down to the monitors going off all the time. Think of it this way your hearing is based on vibrations which the nerves in the ears pick up. Nerves that have been damaged by the covering that protect them is damaged so that can cause the nerves to vibrate or quiver or shake or tremble in the body. I can tell you that feeling is overwhelming! Distracting! Overbearing at times! Being touched can also cause the skin to be over stimulated in the same way!

Once out of the hospital able to go out during Lent to a fish fry at the local church. I got there at NOON The bells in the steeple rang twelve (12) TWELVE times! My body felt the vibrations from the sound and the ground was shaking. That was enough to set of my body trembling and quivering and frozen with this vibrating sensation. Bells stopped, I walked to my table indoors. Ate and come out YES an hour later exactly! I had told my friend what the bells did to me and at 1 o’clock on the dot I exited the church. YEP my feet froze and my friend put her arm around me and laughed! Asked if I was ok and we laughed all the way home. I had never expected sound to be such an obstacle in my rehabilitation. Now I can go to the local stock car track and enjoy the noise. Takes time to desensitize your body to all the stimuli.

Bet Frank can tell when someone is in the room. My toes picked up the breeze from anyone moving around my bed all day long and all night long. Everyone always appoligized for being noisey. That was not it at all! WALK SLOWER! LOL

Sorry people for being a typeaholic today! Posts were all long ones!