I am lab rat #21

September 8, 2011 at 11:45 pm

I am #21 in the clinical trials for CIDP. Dr. Burt’s used this procedure on other autoimmune conditions for much longer, so I feel very comfortable with his knowledge of how to rid our bodies of these diseases.

Clinical Trial stage 3 is when the randomized control group is used. While I was in Chicago getting my sct, there were 8 others going through this at the same time. 4 with MS, 3 with CIDP, 1 with Lupus and 1 with Crohn’s. It was an amazing group and we remain in contact.

MS is in stage 3 of clinical trials. One of the patients went through the control group last year and got chemo, but not stem cells. She was disappointed to be in the control group, but was told she could not apply again without going through the control process first. She did and she got worse and so was back for the real deal this time. She told me she did not regret it, as MS was taking her life away and this seemed like the only viable option for her.

That is one reason why I wanted to do this now – before CIDP goes to stage 3 testing.

It was the most amazing experience of my life! I trust Dr. Burt and I do believe he knows what he is doing. And, this way, I get to be forever 21!