I am just learning about this but here’s what I know

November 13, 2010 at 1:51 pm

I have been looking into the stimulator route also. Just in the beginning stages. As we all well know what works for one of us doesn’t always work for the other. We have different types of pain even in our own bodies. We sometimes have the stabbing burning other times it may be shocks and cramps. So each individual definitely needs to research and try everything for themselves. There are different mfgs of the neurostimulators also so they are even different amongst themselves. I was told that that the leads are not placed directly on the spinal cord cause that was one of my first questions and fears. I was also told that the unit is totally controllable by me as far as I would not have to have it on constantly and I would have totals control over the level of stimulation I needed at all times. I have used the external tens for about 3 years now and for my type of pain it is very helpful. I too have the shocks stabs cramps type “normal” cidp pain when I relapse as well. But I also have constant pain in my calfs. I am on way too many meeds for the pain and still in pain so I am one of those who is down to the last resort. Besides the fact that I want off all these meeds. They make me feel awful. Somi am in process of researching talking etc. Going to get a second opinion at a different doctor in a week or so. I really think it is the answer for me but I worry about the risks cause I am one of those if it can go wrong it does. But if i did not have any of the possible problems like the slight risk of infection or whatever I think it will work for my pain and be my silver bullet. I will say my father (who is 80 years old) had one temporarily for a different problem related to the bladder and it worked like a charm for him and he loved it. His problem resolved so he did not have to have permanently installed but will if the
problem returns. So as I said it depends on the individual but be careful and do full research for your dr the unit they want to use etc. I am still doing research but as I said for my particular case it is probably the right way to go.