I am happy it’s working

August 14, 2008 at 9:40 pm

That prednisone is a good drug and can make you feel like superwoman! When I first got placed on the Pred. It was a high dose. 1000mgs of pulse steriods. Then I came home on 100 mgs.
Here I am little Miss Shy Linda that never speaks a word and minds my own business in my neighborhood. We had a bunch of kids that would hang right under our bedroom window everynight where we were living at that time.
The little brats were always doing mean things. Dumping your trash at night, and spray painting your cars. Flattening tires. I mean they were aggrivating children.
They were teenagers up to no good. Saw one couple one night and they were young too. Laying on a blanket in the alley way by my car making out! Disgusting!
That prednisone can make you have mood swings though and each person is different. One night two teens threw a rock at our bedrrom window and I got up and flew out the front door and chased them down the street. The whole neighborhood woke up hearing me scream at them. After that night I never saw the kids again! I think I embarrased them!
It turned sweet little old shy Linda into Miss Superwoman! LOL! I felt brave! I had courage! And I was strong! That is a good drug but it can cause moody swings. Just beware! You will see! It helps though! Really does! Glad you are feeling better!