I am glad for you and for Jim!

March 27, 2010 at 8:20 pm

I did do a look up on the trial’s protocols, and unfortunately I don’t qualify because of BC and maybe a couple other immune and med issues. Sigh.
For those interested, they are still recruiting and here it is:
It DOES sound tho? As if some insurance companies are being a bit more progressive than in the past? That is good, must be that the preliminary results are going well. Of course, before it becomes ‘accepted protocol’ a lot of testing and issues will have to be ‘resolved’. As is always the case w/medical stuff. To become ‘accepted practice’ often takes decades, as we’ve learned from the IVIG clinical trials such a short time ago, even tho this has been off-label practice for about 30+ years. Accepted tho, that the stem cell process is a heap more complicated than just IVIG, which is complicated enough, thank you!
I can only wish you pioneers good health and a far better life! Especially the quality aspects.
Hope for one and all, this really could be a clincher!