I am an acupuncturist

March 27, 2009 at 10:47 pm

I am new to having GBS but might actually have CIDP. I got treatment while I was in my most acute phase of the first attack of what was dx as GBS. I broke out in a sweat on the table, the symptoms felt worse shortly and then I went to bed and woke up feeling normal. My symptoms would come back but with more regular treatment they woudl go away. ..I never had to be admitted into a hospital, or do any therapies. My case was mild, but I do believe that had to do with the acupuncture. I was in a lot of pain, was having troubel walking and was numb in my hands, feet m face and at times my entire outside body. …Then I got lazy. I only did about 4-5 tx.

Gradually I was feeling well enough that I stopped. Now 1 year later -Many symptoms are back now so I am just about to start up treatment again ,,,if I have CIDP… it sure beats -predisone and immune suppressors.

I hope my story helps. Feel free to ask me questiosn about Acupuncture anytime. I lived in China and have been practiticing for 12 years now.