I am 100% after a severe case

November 17, 2008 at 1:21 pm

Hello Pianowoman, my name is Maria, and I wanted to let you know that some people do make a full recovery.
I had a very severe case 5 years ago, it was so bad that the doctors were about to pronounced me death, but I “came back” I was in the hospiatl for months, I had a feeding tube, and could not even talk.
They started PT a week after I was admited into the er, they also did electric schocks trough out my body several times a day.
Any ways, after only three months of intense PT and painful shocks I was back to normal.
now, five years lates, I am completly healthy, married and with two kids, I have not had any complications whatsoever.
I hope this will make you feel better, doctors said it was a miracle, my family and friends prayed a lot for me.

Hope you are doing well