I also have Pernious Anemia

June 23, 2009 at 3:05 am

Hi Redhaven! I also have Pernious Anemia! But have CIDP too! The symptoms to me that you are describing even though I am not a doctor here and just giving you my opinion.

Depending on how long you went having the anemia it can cause nerve damage and all the symptoms you described. I take B-12 shots every two weeks for mine plus the Sublingual Tablets that you slip under the tongue! That really helps alot. I did the same exact thing you were doing but at that time was not having CIDP issues! Only the B-12 problems!

Bad thing about having this B–12 is because it may have caused Neuropathy you may need something to help ease that neuropathy by taking maybe Lyrica or Gabapentin to settle down the nervous system.

I would keep insisting with the doctor to give you shots every two weeks. I give myself my own shot now which saves on doctor visits. But because it caused nerve damage it takes a while for those nerves to heal back up.
PT helps get you stronger but if you have a swimming pool even if it’s a cheapy that will help alot!

Every now and then also ask him to check your B-12 levels! if the levels are staying the same and are a good number then you know there is something else going on. But the only way you will know that is if you see those levels a good number but still having problems with the nerves. Which may take several more months to regenerate! If they have not improved in a few more months and you are still getting problems then get checked out!

Have you been checked out for Celiac Disease. Very common today and alot of people get a vitamin problem with it causing these same symptoms. Celiac is a allergy to foods that carry glutens. So many people go undiagnosed with it each year and boy can it cause problems.

But right now, I think it’s not enough B-12 getting in your system. Once a month was not enough for me either and when the two week mark hits, I have to have my shot! Hugs
Linda H