I also had GBS at 9

June 4, 2006 at 5:09 pm

Hi Dan,
This is the first time I have vistited this site and was quite touched by your story of your son. I was a child of GBS . I contracted it when I was 7 and was one of the first children to ever get it in the San Francisco bay area. It lasted from 7-10 and took quite a while to recover. I too had been on several respirators, and lived on a ventillator for a while. I had several relapsis but by 12 had pretty much completely recovered. I had also been through plasma pheresis, radiation,chemotherapy (the works) and took loads of prednisone. It took a while to recover but there is hope. Don’t get me wrong, every time my legs fall asleep I do freak out and wonder it it will start all over again. I am now 30 and have had 2 kids. Luckily I don’t suffer from any residual affects, have osteoporosis from the years of prednisone but otherwise am fine. Hang in there. I know how your son feels. I remember my childhood as depressing and unfair. I was very lonely and couldn’t understand why this happened to me. There is hope. After I medically recovered at 10, it took 2 years for my strength to build up. I was always the slowest runner in my class and the weakest player at sport. I was nicknamed “Turtle” in my junior high gym class. Your son sounds like a strong young man. I am glad he is doing well in Karate. I wish you the best in everything.