I agree with others? GET THEE to a Derma…

January 27, 2009 at 11:02 pm

person [If you have one] ASAP, if not to your GP or a trusted podiatrist! Also web up ‘IVIG Prescribing Information’ For your brand – look at the less common and rare side effects…. It could be just that you wore a new pair of shoes? OR it could be a new and fun ‘reaction’ to the IG.
I had an IG reaction and since I’d already had an established Dermatolgist, she shooed me in-between others and got me the ‘goop’ needed to keep it at bay. Later told the neuro about it, and it was a ‘huh?’ reaction to it all. They often just listen to only the sales folks. Mite not hurt to call your IG brand’s 800 # either? Ask! Keep asking. This should not happen. And if ignored, it could become something …. well, not fun or pleasant. Asking is cheap, co-pays are cheap. All is cheaper than ending up in a hospital w/complications? YOU have to take super careful care of yourself!
Yes, our bodies become ever so particularly ‘fussy’ about all sorts of things that never bothered us before. But, we in turn, have to be cautious and fussy about these strange things that happen to us.
Here the old adage: Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is very true. Listen to your inner self’s voice…what is it saying? Don’t worry? OR Red alert!
Your family needs you whole, and so do we! So there!