I agree with most postings prior?

April 1, 2010 at 9:07 pm

For me the issue wasn’t kidney, but gall stones! I’d commented to docs about this ‘pain’ for years prior to onset? But test last year came up clear and true that it was Gall problem..likely a big one? Yet, not one doc has said: STOP the ivig nor done one whit of follow up on this issue!
Get copies of those test results, or at least the summaries? Plus copies of all tests done so far and go get a second opinion [IF you can?] ASAP! A second opinion is truly cheap compared to complications or problems resulting from inadequate treatments. Good testing WILL tell if they are related? But I truly doubt that they are directly ‘connected’.
To me? Prolonged kidney pains are more likely due to some immune issue going on there and thus further testing is essential!
I have to say that any doc who says ‘there is NO pain from CIDP, GBS or MG’ is really outta touch with his patients [as in NO CLUE]! Therefore, one to be avoided! I interviewed others and got a good one? Who did all the right tests and then some! I consider myself lucky for that? And, that I got the treatments I needed.
My heart is with you on this one. It’s not easy to get appts nor get him around to all the docs? But if you do? I suspect that both of you will have a better life, and quality of life! Please ask questions of all of us! We each come at this from different experiences and approaches. We tend to try and get on with life? Tho it mite be different from ‘before’? We still try and go and do! Hugs and hope!