I agree with folks

November 18, 2007 at 6:06 pm

Sometimes that second, third and/or fourth opinions do more than nudge your local doc into the correct treatments! Happened to me? Once my local doc go the testing and bloodwork, with only the spinal to be done…HE did it! The rest is history. He got docs higher up the ‘food-chain’ so to speak to take the rap for the diagnosis…so to speak HE was/is off the hook-just complying with higher levels of expertise. Now if that local doc remains a trogdolyte after all that expert input…Well, having another city or resource to go to for follow-up should be a blessing. Cover all bases, so to speak?
As for your journey to Mayo and where-ever? I will hope for a warm rain, nothing worse during your travels to and from. Winter does make it more well, awkward, doesn’t it?
BTW, some of my blood, spinal and other tests were sent both to Mayo and Athena Diagnostics in CA….The fact that I was double-checked out probably didn’t hurt? Redundant maybe, but results from both were totally consistent. Kind of reassuring in a way…