I agree with Emily’s Mom! TOTALLY

December 29, 2009 at 8:46 pm

Drink a gatorade about two days before? Then drink as much liquids to the point you feel you’ve got to use ‘facilities’ every half hour. That way your veins will ‘pop’ and you will have a far easier time getting the infusion catheter into you….and also side effects? Well, drinking all that water, and getting the infusion? You are going to have to use the ‘facilities’ -maybe often… and most likely one handed as the catheter will be in one arm, and you mite not feel comfy moving that around much. Easy to pull-on/off clothing is the safest way to go, and don’t wait too long!
It’s good that you plan on bringing your own snacks! Why? Because I found that my infusion clinic in the hospital only provided ONE menu-Each and Every DAY! It was ‘nice’ at first? But I found I got HUNGRY for other things, things I’d not been hungry for…for ages! So I brought them! Fruit salad? Pudding Pack, Sandwich just the way I like it? You get the drift….During that last hour of infusion? I would get a sort of ‘healthy’ munchie craving sooo bad! Now I’m home? And getting infusions, I can deal with it all very easily.
IF you are in some sort of ‘infusion room’? Either bring an I-pod and listen to sounds you like? Or, prepare for some folks to create TV channel wars! Yep, it does happen. Sigh.
Go get infused, and safely! And may it WORK! I’m crossing my fingers that it is so.