I agree with Dan!

March 18, 2010 at 7:41 pm

We each describe and cope with our pain[s] differently. Some things work for some for a long time, others only a short time. Then there are those side-effects. Essentially the devil if you do, and another devil if you don’t.
I truly like the ‘dog bite’ description tho! Is that just a bite or more of a gnaw? Mine is like a gnawing.
Each of us is very different about taking and tolerating the slew of meds available to us. I’d just gone off of them for the most part because they didn’t work long term and others had side effects too nasty to tell about [those hallucinations? They can be whoppers!]
I truly hope and pray that you find SOMETHING to help you get by, ideally thru the day and then able to sleep at nite!
Don’t EVER feel guilty for getting this stuff! NEVER! It’s just one of those random odds that we as humans seem to encounter. Yes, it’s not fun, by any means. No, it won’t just go away. But we’ve got our lemons, and we must make the BEST lemonade ever imagined with what we have! [Or, lemon cookies, lemon pie..etc.] There are times when bitter can be made sweet in a way. Keep faith and keep plugging! Don’t waver from your self-feelings and keep strong! Hugs and hope!
PS Also, how can others understand? They aren’t YOU! Never forget that and when you are angry? Do something constructive like cook stews or make some silly things or write a book about having this stuff. Who knows? One of these efforts could be your best outlet!