I agree with Cheryl

July 9, 2007 at 10:14 pm

about: 1-getting a second opinion, or a third or even fourth if necessary; and about 2- trying most other options before surgery.
GBS and CIDP are mostly acquired auto-immune reactions [possibly with hereditary features, but most docs don’t test that aspect, just treat]. Treatment is still the same, the precautions are as well. You could probably find a lot of anathesia reaction documentation about the demeyelination aspect for MS sufferers…for them the nerves die in the brain, for us, ‘merely’ in the rest of the nerve system.

BTW: I’ve successfully undergone two surgeries and two ‘test procedures’ under general…I just let them know about the demeyelinating thing first…I believe they treated me as they would one with MS…I Am fine for all of it…I think?
Back surgery, tho, is usually a very long surgical procedure…the longer you are ‘out’ the higher the risks..I believe.