I agree w/ Gavol… in that pre-meds…

October 28, 2010 at 9:02 pm

MUST be adjusted, as needed? And definitely w/a doc’s knowledge. At times tho, you can experiment w/say two instead of three either Benedryls or Tylenols,…depends on how well you are ‘taking it in’ all the way thru. I’ve found that IF I’ve some sort of headache coming on? I’ll take an extra tylenol w/in an hour of completing the infusion-IT helps! And the options for getting an aseptic meningitis? Are not FUN AT ALL! it’s part rate of infusion? Type of infusion [depending on what your IGGa tests indicated] and thus your tolerance for the product and the solution it’s mixed in. Some of us can tolerate some mix solutions better than others… And I have to tell you? I was incorrectly ‘substituted’ every cheap alternative available when I’d gotten the meningitis!
For the first FOUR months on one year? I’d been substituted 7 of ten infusion times the prescribed Gammunex for other brands and charged the Gammunex rate! The cost to your and my insurance companies can get a bit rich!
Thing is to do all you can to avoid infusion problems yourself? Then discuss the issues IN detail [keep notes] w/your prescribing doctor.
All my substitutions make me think I was either crazy/imagining things [at the time not KNOWING about substitutes] or ready to give up! Changed infusion providers and that aspect of ‘quality control’ was maintained for quite a while.
Your fever tho? THAT IS something you must bring up to your doc…to either see if that awful ‘something else is going on’? OR IF it’s merely a reaction to the IVIG…that can and should be accomplished by three blood tests specifically for immune responses – Day before infusions? Week after, and Day or two before the next one…. They Can specifically target markers for IG issues and while expensive? Checking this stuff out could save your life in the long run. Further? IF you show some good responses? Means the stuff is working! Making you ‘eligible’ for more! [I’d do a jig here? But, I’d likely fall over..[SIZE=”1″]sigh[SIZE=”3″][/SIZE][/SIZE]. But? The spirit is there!
Hope things work out…here is the Gammunex prescribing info site…read IT ALL! PLEASE!!! url [url]http://www.gamunex.com/media/Gamunex_Prescribing_Info.pdf[/url] url
Hope your eyes don’t cross in the process? Hugs hope laughter and smarts!