I agree. Must. Wholeheartedly.

March 12, 2010 at 9:35 pm

I believe it can at times be called an ‘immune cascade’. Thanks a lot… Once the horse is out of the burning barn and burning itself to boot?
I have found nearly all sites sort of ‘tippy toe’ around this issue, as it IS hard to prove and the odds are soo much against it? Further, some folks tend to go into panic mode at the thought of cancer. But that number? .1%? is really really small. Maybe with better diagnostic techniques this # mite change in the future. I honestly expect it to.
I personally would rather face it all head on, knowing that it is a possibility or lilkelihood and thus being better able to deal with ‘consequences’ as they arise down the road.
I have to say that my testings and diagnosis for CIDP did prepare me for further cancer testings. Lots of them. The more I learned about cancers, the diagnosis was very similar to that of the CIDP diagnosis, that of a process of eliminations…tho aspects and treatments were/are much more invasive than the majority of CIDP tests.
All I keep hoping for is that that BALL rolling downhill? Doesn’t roll over me and flatten me. Given my osteo status of late? I’d definitely be squashed! :rolleyes: For me? Gee, feels sooo good when I stop hitting my head against the nearest wall! Usually, neither fare well for some unknown reason. Not for the long run.
IF CIDP and GBS treatments haven’t leaped by bounds of late? At least Cancer treatments have.
Don’t ever let fear be your master tho? You can get your docs to work for you better if you are honest about any fears, and also about your strengths and ability to persevere. The last two can help you get your docs working FOR you a bit more! Honesty and not a snow job can work wonders for the long term. Just based on my experiences, mind you.
Just keep faith in YOU! and How you FEEL and what your body is telling you… try to convey that all as accurately and ‘clinically’ as possible to your docs? Go from there forwards. Where else do we have to go? Hope and other good things too!