I agree about the pre-meds?

February 9, 2009 at 2:11 pm

Also that it mite not hurt to post-med too.
I use clobetasol and protopic [topical steroids] -the stronger one first for a few days w/the lesser one for five+/- days after that as a precaution. Those blisters are nasty! And itch worse than heck! Reminds me of poison ivy or worse, truly something to forget for sure.
Neuro was useless in this ‘reaction’ [never heard of such a thing], but got fit in with my dermatologist the second time of infusions that I’d had them… Didn’t blink an eye, said it was common [this derm has done HOMEWORK about my CIDP-yeah?] and is alert and sensitive about topical reactions to anything that’s prescribed.
Knowing which brand you get, look up the ‘prescribing information’ and look not only at the common side effects, but the ‘less common’ ones. Use that 800 number to it’s fullest-but be prepared to wait a bit on hold and then about 15-30 minutes of Q&A about you before anything useful is said to you about it. It could be the ‘batch’ and they will be checking that out totally!
Gosh, I’m getting itchy just thinking about it! Hope this helps.