I actually have one

December 3, 2008 at 8:21 pm

Andy bought one Norb and had it in the den and moved it on me where I could not find it anywhere. He placed it in his music room in the closet. That sure did me good. Did not have time looking for it either!
Stacey! Don’t be afraid of burning wood in a fireplace! I have been doing it for years. But never tried those logs that you buy at Lowes and Walmart.
We have a fireplace insert with a blower that blows out heat and circulates in the house. Love it!
I never burn more than 2 logs at a time. When one log is almost burned I place a new one in and move the old one in the back. Always have a fire extinguisher handy just in case it gets out of hand. Something my husband did wrong was placing it in a spot not telling me he moved it. Bad bad Andy!
Keep a fire hearth rug in front of the mantle to catch any sparks that could burn carpet. I normally open only one door on one side and leave the other shut so sparks won’t go flying out. Once you learn how to build a fire in that fireplace, you will get addicted and enjoy having it around in the winter months.
All day today my electric heat has been turned off. That fireplace heats my whole house except the bedrooms where I close the doors because nobody is in them. The electric heats turns back on at bedtime. First thing in the morning, I start my fire again. And it burns all day until bedtime. In January, February and March the coldest months we have, I burn a kerosene heater and the fireplace during the day. It sure saves on our electric bills.
Back in the summer, I tried making a Solar Heat Panel and wanted to try my experiment out before making others. You take a piece of foam board. Super glue copper pennies two inches apart on the foam. Spray paint the inside black. Make sides where it has wide slits on the sides. Just like you are making a box but to the size of your bottom part of the window. Outer part you glue fabric to make it look like a window cover and is decorative. Place on bottom window and you get heat from the sun’s rays coming into your house. Wished I would have made more! For my experiment actually worked and does very well.
Next year I plan on making several to go in my windows that reflects sun. It blows warm air into your room. Just like having radiator heat but not using any feuls. All natural heat from the sun. Next winter I plan on making 5 more and placing them in my windows during the winter time for next year.
I am the type if I can get a few dollars saved I would rather save them. Hate giving the electric company my money for heating. And electric heat is not cheap!