Husband took me to ER yesterday

September 15, 2008 at 9:05 am

Well when husband got home, he took me to the ER and the place was packed. Totally packed. Got to the desk and asked them how busy they were and the lady said all rooms were full and they even had patients in the hallways on stretchers.
So then I asked what kind of wait we had. The lady tells me that right now most of the patients were looking at 8 to 10 hours. I said the heck with that. I would be better off laying on my sofa. I can’t sit in that waiting room that long! There was no way I could do it. So I told my husband to bring me back home. Boy did that make him mad! But I looked at him and said that wait was just to long. Got home and laid down on den couch and finally did doze off but Andy told me he noticed me waking up and dozing off and waking up again over and over again. I’m not getting REM sleep at all!
Did get 5 hours last night so I am still a zombie today.
I have to get dressed this morning and get some labs done today and then coming home afterwards. Also have to call my neurologist up and regular doctor and then I am flopping on my sofa and going to do nothing.
No matter how I look at it and how bad I feel I’m just going to have to sweat it out until Wednesday. Took an Ice Pack to my neck last night and the swelling went down some and not gagging as bad this morning.
I only have two more days and maybe they will go ahead and get done quickly.
Still waiting but only less than 48 hours to go! Yippee! Can’t wait!
Well better get going. Have to head out the door and get those labs done.
Have a great day family! I hate labs and needles! Yuk yuk~ But is must be done!