Husband and mom have made me rest all day!

December 23, 2008 at 5:26 pm

My mom and husband have made me rest all day long in bed but I had to get up and walk a bit. You start getting sore laying all day!
Hubby just left a good hour ago! I AM SO EXCITED! 😀 But the news is showing bad traffic on I 40 going to RDU Airport! So it may be a while before they arrive here! Gosh! The suspense is killing me! Andy left early because he feared bad traffic. One flight is arriving at 6:30 and my sons plane is supposed to be coming in around 7. It will probably be 10 tonight before they get here to our home!
Gosh! THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS! LOL! My son is coming home! I am so glad he is coming home. He won’t be on a Submarine for another 6 months and will be in the US now at his home base! So he will probably be around when the baby comes!
I hope I don’t fall asleep tonight! LOL! First I am complaining about not getting any sleep and now that I am getting sleep… I don’t want;) to fall asleep tonight! ROFL! You watch! I will probably end up nodding off!
Maybe not~ Right now just too excited!
My mom decided to cook today for me. She made two cakes and potato salad and has been cooking stuff all day. Andy is going to cook the turkey tomorrow. My two daughters are bringing foods also to help out.
In fact my one daughter is coming home tomorrow. So my house will be full of little ones and my children all together again.
I sure hope these next few hours go by fast!